The Art of the Entry Console

I love a good console table.  It’s the perfect place to make a statement with a sculptural lamp (or two!), place photos of loved ones, sit trays and bowls for keeping track of keys, and to showcase a favored knickknack.  And because of its linear nature, it’s also the perfect foil for a curvy mirror or a show-stealing piece of art.  Entry ways are visitors’ first peek into your world and how better to say “welcome” than with a beautiful bowl of orchids.  But there’s another (and dare I say, more utilitarian) reason that I include them in almost every house I design.  Console tables, along with their drawered and doored brethren, are key to keeping both my entry way and my life organized.  In addition to providing a place to stash keys, glasses, wallets and watches, in our house, my husband and I both have our own drawers (I think one of the keys to a good marriage is having separate bathrooms and separate entry drawers:).  The drawers allow us to keep track of items headed in and out of the house (the ubiquitous field trip permission slip and extra hand sanitizer) while nicely concealing everything from view.  I even like to use the area under the console for stools or storage (the rough, organic texture of a basket looks especially good paired with a sleek cabinet).  So go forward brave soul and create your own intoxicatingly beautiful (and functional) entry.  Below are some of my recent designs to get you started!

Kelly Nelson DesignsKelly Nelson Designs..April 17, 2013YEE_0072-20150910_comp28 Harbor Road, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19771


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