The grass( cloth) is always brighter on the living room wall!

I’ve had a long-standing love for wallpaper.  Always loved it, always will.  Grasscloth is one of my favorites and a go to for clients but it wasn’t always this way.  Growing up, I still remember sitting at our dining room table covertly scratching and pulling at the chunky, thick fibers stuck on the wall.  Well I’m happy to say that those days are gone.  Today’s glasscloth is sleek and smart, comes in hues both bright and neutral, and is the perfect way to add texture and interest to a boring wall.  It works beautifully both in traditional and modern settings.  I’ve used hand printed grasscloth papers (Schumacher’s options are spectacular) to add both pattern and texture to a space, metallic hues as subterfuge for large televisions and bold colors to pump up the wow factor in alcoves.  Even just papering a single accent wall (try the headboard wall in a bedroom) can bring a room to life.

I just installed a pretty sea-glass colored grasscloth in my own living room.  The living room of our newly constructed home was looking a little….blah……cold……in a word, uninteresting.  It just needed a little something-something, if you know what I mean.  Even though the wallpaper color was similar to the existing paint color, the paper really warmed up the space and brought the room’s other colors and shapes into sharper focus.  Take a look at these before and after photos and let me know what you think.








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