Kitchen Design Secrets 101: The Banquette

I’m currently in the middle of three kitchen renovations.  Not personally (thank goodness!) but I am vicariously experiencing the pain and inconvenience that goes along with such projects. While function is important to any room, it is especially important when designing a kitchen.  In this case, form should definitely follow function and the design should be well thought out before any work begins.

One piece worth considering when doing a kitchen design is the uber functional banquette.  It’s a space-saver while also adding softness to a room full of hard surfaces and finishes.  Kitchens are often begging for a little pattern and color to break-up the monotony of all those cabinets and appliances.  A banquette can be one-sided, two or even three, depending on your needs and space.

And best of all, the banquette is an equal opportunity seater — it works regardless of your personal style.  Modern, traditional, eclectic, heck it can work with any style de jour — a hollywood regency kitchen anyone?  So, find a corner or a little nook and settle right in, a banquette may be just what you’re looking for.


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