Dreaming of Gracie!

Oh, how I love Gracie wallpapers. Undeniably elegant, undeniably beautiful, they scream classic elegance.  All of this is true, and I’m dying to do a dining room swathed head-to-toe  in one of these gracious papers, but what really turns me on is the idea of putting this paper in an otherwise minimal, clean-lined room.  I love the idea of mixing it into a room with an industrial edge or a space that is raw or organic.  Why not take a room filled with masculine colors and fabrics (wool tweeds anyone?) and cover a wall or two (or three or four….) with this glamorous covering.  You could do a wall, you could do a niche, you could even do a couple of framed panels – anyway that you do it, it’s sure to be spectacular!

What would you do with some Gracie?














So beautiful in a dining room, notice the trim on the drapes — details make the difference
















What a beautiful room, the gold on the desk and chair is echoed in the wallpaper

















Sometimes all you need is a panel














Imagine this beautiful orange paper in a silver-painted dining room with lush grey velvet upholstered chairs….or what about mixing in some deep burgundy accents…beautiful!


One thought on “Dreaming of Gracie!

  1. My heart just stopped….that pagoda is (literally) to DIE for!

    Any source information for that certain piece? EVERY home, from Arkansas to Zimbabwe, needs a “touch of the orient”!

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